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    Water for Kids | Celebrating 20 Years

  • The second biggest killer of children is diarrhoea caused by dirty water and poor hygiene

  • We provide safe drinking water and hygiene education

  • Working with local environmental health professionals creating sustainable projects

  • Our sanitation projects involve the local community from the start

  • Our projects wouldn’t happen without your help, come and get involved!

86% of all our funding goes to overseas projects

Our Impact

In 20 years Water for Kids has transformed the lives of over 390,000 people. We have provided water, sanitation and hygiene education to 154 communities in nine countries.

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Water is life

A poem written by Nyondo Cheyo, a teacher at Kamaila School

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"Having water is like a dream”

George Besa, Chairman of Katoba Neighbourhood Health Committee

Help someone to get safe drinking water for the first time and make a dream come true


We work closely with our partners overseas and with the local people to ensure our projects are sustainable. Projects in Uganda and Zambia are managed on behalf of Water for Kids by local environmental health professionals.

This is a working partnership between environmental health professionals in the UK and environmental health professionals in Zambia and Uganda.

We also fund projects which are managed by other organisations, which we know and trust. These organisations are encouraged to involve health professionals.

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Much of our work has been achieved through the generosity of the Corporate Supporters below, we would like to thank them for their help in saving people’s lives.

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