Our Projects

  • We build dams to provide clean water which is easier to collect from a pipe.
  • We drill boreholes and provide hand pumps and stand-pipes.
  • We harvest rainwater for schools and clinics.
  • We train hygiene promoters to encourage families to build their own toilets and tippy-taps for hand washing.

Putting Water for Kids on the Map

We are pleased to share with you the link to Google Maps -where you will find the Water for Kids Ugandan Projects now uploaded and located.  This is a work in progress but it is a great resource to be able to share.

Map of WfK Ugandan projects
  • Mukunkiki
  • Chilemba Market
  • Past Projects
  • Makuutu
    Stephen Young Memorial Project, Makuutu
  • Walutente water supply before

    The Dabbagh Welfare Trust Walutente Water Source
  • Namasheshe