Our Projects

  • We build dams to provide clean water which is easier to collect from a pipe.
  • We drill boreholes and provide hand pumps and stand-pipes.
  • We harvest rainwater for schools and clinics.
  • We train hygiene promoters to encourage families to build their own toilets and tippy-taps for hand washing.

Putting Water for Kids on the Map

We are pleased to share with you the link to Google Maps -where you will find the Water for Kids Ugandan Projects now uploaded and located.  This is a work in progress but it is a great resource to be able to share.

Map of WfK Ugandan Projects

Map of Zambia projects

The projects include water supply and sanitation –sinking of boreholes, providing water distribution. Networks using solar power, provision of latrines, hygiene training, pump menders training. ZIEH/WFK were the first in Zambia to distribute water in a village (kamaila village) using solar power.

Many thanks to Edgar (ZIEH) for his work on the map.

Map of WfK Zambia Projects (pdf)
  • Mukunkiki
  • Chilemba Market
  • Past Projects
  • Makuutu
    Stephen Young Memorial Project, Makuutu
  • Walutente water supply before

    The Dabbagh Welfare Trust Walutente Water Source
  • Namasheshe