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Kamaila village houses

Kamaila Village & School, 50km from Lusaka.

What Water for Kids has achieved
Over 4000 people now have safe water close to their home. The water committee ensures that the water keeps running. A number of families have durable latrines and hand washing facilities.

At the school 787 kids now have a reliable supply of safe water at their school and their teachers and families living nearby have a standpipe close to their home. The school has latrines and a washroom for girls, this means that girls do not miss school when they have their periods.

How we achieved it
We installed a borehole, a water tower, solar powered pump and distributed water to standpipes within 250m of each home. WFK also set up and trained a water committee. Sanplats were provided to families to build latrines. 70 wash stands were distributed.

At the school we repaired and refurbished the borehole (which kept breaking down) and installed a water tank to distribute water to wash stands at the school and standpipes within 250m of each home. Set up and trained a water committee. Built four latrines and a washroom for girls at the school. (The government subsequently built more latrines.)

This project was managed by our partners The Zambia Institute of Environmental Heath.

Uganda Buwagi borehole

Uganda 2005-2007

In partnership with Daventry Friends of Iganga, Water for Kids with the help of volunteers and the local people carried out work in Iganga, Eastern Uganda to improve the local Health Centre and School, and to protect 3 existing water supplies that were subject to contamination. On subsequent visits the group also helped to refurbish a clinic and a Centre for the Blind. They were also able to assist in the completion of two rural water sources, the repair of three protected springs and two water pumps as well as carrying out further improvements to the Health Centre, Orphanage and Centre for the Blind.

Kamaila village
2005 - 2007
Fumbelo water kiosk
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Madimba boys
2010 - 2012
Mukunkiki latrine
2012 - 2014
Kalukundwe pump repair
2014 - 2015
Gin No 186
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