Promoting Good Hygiene

Promoting Good Hygiene

What the villagers say

"Before we had the borehole, children used to have diarrhoea and would be home from school once or twice a month. Now it is rare. There is less illness so there are fewer clinic visits. Now we have tippy-taps we can wash our hands more"

Part of Water for Kids' goals is to reduce the spread of water-borne disease by promoting the use of hygienic practices. We do this by training volunteers to become Hygiene Promoters. They will then work to sensitise and mobilise each household to use safe water and to build latrines, refuse pits and dish racks.

Tip tap

Tippy Taps & Wash stands

Hand washing is one of the most effective disease prevention measures. A Tippy Tap is a simple device for washing your hands after going to the toilet. More information on how a Tippy Tap is built (pdf) Washstands consist of a bucket with a tap, a plastic bowl and a soap holder mounted on a stand. You can wash your hands in clean water from the tap and the dirty water collects in the bowl.

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Promoting Good Hygiene
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