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Mukunkiki latrine

Mukunkiki, Western Province. A sparsely populated rural area 400km from Lusaka

What Water for Kids has achieved
The majority of families now have access to safe water. All 387 families now have a latrine, only 67 had a latrine in 2011. 291 families have tip-taps for hand-washing, there were only 5 in 2011.
How we achieved it
We refurbished two boreholes and trained a water committee and a pump-minder for each. Trained 30 Community Hygiene Promoters and the School Health Club which led to households constructing latrines, tip-taps (for hand washing) and refuse pits.

This project was managed by Kaira Gunda of Kaoma Environmental Restoration Initiative.



In 2013 a safe water supply, four latrines and ten wash stands were built for 400 pupils at the Karongi Primary School. The project was run by Help a Rwandan Person (HARP) and the Kigali Health Institute. In addition to the Water for Kids grant of £1,000, parents of the school children raised money to repair the school roof.

Wadange Uganda


Completion of the new Mutukula Market Toilet block for £5,500 in Iganga, handed over to the local community at a wonderful ceremony on 1st July 2013. Provision is of 3 toilets for females and one toilet plus a urinal for males. This will provide an excellent facility in the new market being developed by the community to include over 1000 traders.

Rain water harvesting (RWH) was also provided with 2 x 5000 litre water tanks installed at Naitandu village in Iganga, to provide rain water harvesting for the primary school with nearly 400 children. Also a failed and unused RWH system found at Wagodo Primary School was refurbished with new guttering, the inside of the tank was cleaned and pipework repairs to provide water for a primary school with over 300 children with previously no clean water available at the school.

Kamaila village
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Fumbelo water kiosk
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Madimba boys
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Mukunkiki latrine
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Kalukundwe pump repair
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Gin No 186
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