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Kalukundwe pump repair

Kalukundwe village, 400km from Lusaka

What Water for Kids has achieved
Over 400 people now have access to safe water. The water point is protected and kept clean and will be repaired promptly if it breaks down.

How we achieved it
We refurbished a borehole installed a new pump and trained a water committee, and a pump-mender and provided a toolkit.

This project was managed by Kaira Gunda of Kaoma Environmental Restoration Initiative.



We provided safe water for the first time to the Bunjama community and funding for the water connection to Abato Primary School (500 children, 40% of whom are orphans).

In March 2014 Peter Minhinnett, Jason Cox & Tom Jackson WfK Trustees visited Makuutu and approved the project. The team immediately started a full WASHE on what was now the Stephen Young Memorial Project (SYMP).

At Busanda, Luuka District, we officially handed over the new borehole funded through WfK by Pat Miller in memory of her husband Jim Miller. The local community no longer need to walk the 2km round trip to a neighbouring source. Now, 750 school children have more time for school work, more parents support the school and domestic problems improve as mothers spend less time collecting water. We also assisted with building new latrines as the school was under threat of closure for not having adequate sanitation.

Kamaila village
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Fumbelo water kiosk
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Madimba boys
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Mukunkiki latrine
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Kalukundwe pump repair
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Gin No 186
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