Protection of a water source at Nawanyingi Methodist, Uganda

Uganda Nawanyingi

Peter, the Chairman is at present in the middle of a 2 week visit to our projects in Iganga, Uganda.  He has reported that our latest project has been completed – the protection of a water source at Nawanyingi Methodist in Iganga District.  Approximately £1,000 has been spent protecting the source to provide safe water for the first time for the … Read More

Uganda Field Trip May/June 2017

Uganda field trip 2017

On our recent successful visit to Uganda, we were struck once again by the serious lack of rain.  In many areas, the failure of the seasonal rain to arrive has resulted in crops failing, dried up water sources and rumours of starvation.  These dire conditions have resulted, more than ever, in the need for the provision of sustainable water, and Water … Read More

The Dabbagh Welfare Trust Walutente Project, Uganda


We would like to mention a big thank you to the Dabbagh Welfare Trust for their recent donation to fund the Walutente Community project in Iganga District, Uganda.  This rural community of over 560 and school of 200 pupils currently collect water from large, contaminated ponds.  the Dabbagh funding enables WfK to provide  a continuous running source of clean water which … Read More