The Randal Charitable Foundation Donation

A huge thank you to The Randal Charitable Foundation for donating £19,300 to fund the The Nakavumbi Community Holistic Safe Water Project.  Nakavumbi is located in rural Iganga District, Uganda.  It has a population of 1007 people and a school of 500 pupils.  This community is vulnerable to diseases; without access to safe water and sanitation villagers are forced to collect water from … Read More

Harmony Fire Fund the Safe Water Project at the Wainha Community

Wainha Uganda

Earlier this year, Harmony committed to provide two safe water systems wiith Water For Kids in Uganda 2021 and work has now been completed at the first spring in the Wainha Community.  Feedback from some of the parents shows that due to the reduction in gastro illness, they have seen a reduction in the costs of medicine. Additionally, once the … Read More

Uganda Projects

Suuna Uganda

Since May this year we have completed spring protections in the communities of Meeru, (funded by Harmony), Mwingunda, Wainha and Suuna (see above before and after photos).  As well as this, we also have three springs in progress at Bukyega, Kyondo and Wairama.  The Busera Holistic Project is continuing and near completion as restrictions allow and, the Nakavumbi Holistic Project (Funded … Read More

9 water springs protected providing safe water to over 10,000 people!

Buniantole Uganda

Due to Covid, the past year has been very difficult and the work has reduced.  However, we have continued when possible and the team has managed to protect 9 water springs providing safe water to over 10,000 people!  As well as this, we have also renovated Buniantole primary school latrines and constructed a mature girl’s wash room providing better hygiene to over … Read More

Uganda Projects Update

Ugandan Girl

Covid 19 has limited travel in Udanda, and the team have been busy on other public health duties in Iganga helping communities to fight the virus. In spite of these limitations, the team have managed to protect 11 spring sources in recent months.

Education in Hand-Washing has Never been so Important

hand washing with a tipy tap

Since the emergence of COVID 19, never, in the world, has a simple bar of soap and access to safe water been more universally recognised as the primary protection against the spread of potentially deadly diseases. Imagine, facing what many of us are facing now, areas in lock down but without safe water in your house or village and no knowledge … Read More

Nine new spring sources protected in Uganda

Uganda 2020

In February 2020, two Trustees visited Uganda to meet up with the Water for Kids team and to check on work carried out since August 2019. Nine new spring sources had been protected and one had been repaired following damage by heavy rain. Tom Jackson and Barbara Lucas found the team working hard and in good spirits and communities now … Read More

Obira Community, Uganda – A Case Study in Sustainability


“Water for Kids is more of parents to us, they first gave us free san plats, free protected spring and now trained us to make our own san plats at a cheap rate, who else on earth could do this?” Aggrey Kasango, Obira 2019. In 2011, Water for Kids first protected the water source, damming the source and pumping water … Read More

The Randal Charitable Foundation to Fund Naitandu Community Solar Project

Carrying water

Water for Kids are thrilled and grateful to announce the recent approval for funding by the Randal Charitable Foundation of the Naitandu Solar Panel Project.  In 2007 Water for Kids installed a borehole and rainwater harvesting at the school, delivered hygiene training and provided materials with training to households to build latrines, throughout the rural village of Naitandu.  As a … Read More