Mwanjabantu, Zambia final phase complete

Mwanjabantu Zambia

For the past 3 years Water for Kids have been working in the remote region of Mwanjabantu, Zambia, near the border with Mozambique.  During this time, we have drilled 11 boreholes in some of the most water challenged communities and trained hygiene promoters, water committees and pump menders in all of the communities to ensure that the water sources will … Read More

Greenford Sikazwe

Greenford Sikazwe

We are saddened to hear of the loss of our colleague, Greenford Sikazwe who died of Covid-19 on 24 January. He managed the Water for Kids projects from 2010 to 2012 and has supported the charity’s work in Zambia ever since. Greenford was a warm and generous man with a great sense of humour. He was a very professional Project … Read More

Zambia | Mwanjabantu & Shamutina

WfK projects in Mwanjabantu and Shamutina

In spite of our Project Managers being in the frontline of Coronavirus prevention work, their commitment has meant that two boreholes have recently been drilled to provide water for the first time in two villages. One is in the very remote area near the border with Mozambique, where previous efforts to drill boreholes have failed because of the scarcity of … Read More

Education in Hand-Washing has Never been so Important

hand washing with a tipy tap

Since the emergence of COVID 19, never, in the world, has a simple bar of soap and access to safe water been more universally recognised as the primary protection against the spread of potentially deadly diseases. Imagine, facing what many of us are facing now, areas in lock down but without safe water in your house or village and no knowledge … Read More

Zambia Update

Mwanjabantu borehole

Bore holes have recently been installed in 4 villages and one at a school in Mwanjabantu bringing the total number of bore holes that WfK have installed in the area to 11.  This is a very remote area with real water challenges so these bore holes have made a huge difference to local life.  WfK has also funded local environment … Read More

Zambia Visit October 2018

Petauke District Zambia

Richard Hall and Sara Emanuel, Trustees visit the recently completed Water for Kids projects in the Petauke region and assessed potential locations for future projects. The main focus for work in the last year has been the provision of six boreholes in the Petauke District, 280 miles East of the capital Lusaka. With ZIEH colleagues we visited to see them in operation … Read More

Ground Work – Mary McLaughlin | EH News July 2018

Zambia has many isolated towns and villages. People, including young children, often have to walk long distances to collect water and transport it home, carrying the buckets in their hands and on their heads. The water is also often heavily contaminated. Last September, I had the opportunity to become involved with the environmental health charity, Water for Kids (WfK). WfK … Read More

Mwanjabantu District Project

Mwanjabantu District Project

The Eastern Provence is to be the new area of focus for Water for Kids.  Here we visited some of the remotest villages in the Mwanjabantu District, on the border with Mozambique, with our Partners, the Zambia Institute of Environmental Health.  On our visit, we found some of the most shocking conditions – people were waiting for hours for shallow holes to fill … Read More

Zambia | Namasheshe Project Is Handed Over

Water committee

MAY 2017 The completed Water for Kids project in Namshshe, Western Zambia was handed over on 8 May. Community representatives including Water Committee members, Hygiene Promoters and Pump Menders, all trained by Water for Kids, met with our Project Managers and the local Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs). They agreed to take over the project by maintaining the 9 water points … Read More

Zambia | Training Water Committees

water protection

February 2017 In February nine Water Committees were trained in Western Province, Zambia. They are looking after boreholes and water pumps recently provided or repaired by Water for Kids in Mukunkiki and Namasheshe. Kennedy Mulele (Project Manager on behalf of our partner, the Zambian Institute of Environmental Health) said that the Water Committees “have a huge responsibility at community level … Read More