Education in Hand-Washing has Never been so Important

Since the emergence of COVID 19, never, in the world, has a simple bar of soap and access to safe water been more universally recognised as the primary protection against the spread of potentially deadly diseases.

Imagine, facing what many of us are facing now, areas in lock down but without safe water in your house or village and no knowledge of basic hygiene training. This is exactly what communities in Africa are dealing with. However, in the hundreds of communities Water for Kids have delivered safe water and hygiene training to, this is far more achievable. For years, our Environmental Health Officers have been training schools and communities in effective hand washing and the building of hand washing facilities as part of their holistic and sustainable approach to delivering safe water.

Zambian and Ugandan Colleagues Working to Combat COVID 19

Water for Kids want to take this opportunity to say how proud we are of our health professional workers in Uganda and Zambia who are volunteering in their hospitals and communities to help those effected by COVID 19.