Mwanjabantu, Zambia final phase complete

For the past 3 years Water for Kids have been working in the remote region of Mwanjabantu, Zambia, near the border with Mozambique.  During this time, we have drilled 11 boreholes in some of the most water challenged communities and trained hygiene promoters, water committees and pump menders in all of the communities to ensure that the water sources will be sustainable and will contribute to improved hygiene and health of each community.  We also worked with the local school health clubs to help children understand the importance of good hygiene. Today we are thrilled to announce that we have handed over the final phase of the project to the local community.    Phase 1 of our project in Chisamba, Zambia is finished with 6 boreholes being drilled and hygiene promoters, pump menders and water committees being trained. 

One of the bore holes is at a school which will ensure that children there won’t need to spend time fetching water but can concentrate on their studies.  This project was successfully completed in spite of Covid and unusually strong rains which led to flooding throughout the district.