The Randal Charitable Foundation to Fund Naitandu Community Solar Project

Water for Kids are thrilled and grateful to announce the recent approval for funding by the Randal Charitable Foundation of the Naitandu Solar Panel Project.  In 2007 Water for Kids installed a borehole and rainwater harvesting at the school, delivered hygiene training and provided materials with training to households to build latrines, throughout the rural village of Naitandu.  As a consequence, Naitandu became a very popular place to live and in 10 years the population doubled. Today, due to greater demand, the original borehole is under extreme pressure and increasingly in need of repair, sometimes leaving the community without safe water.  Mainly women and children queue in three directions and wait for 2-3 hours at peak times to collect water.  Funding from the Randal Charitable Foundation will enable us to install a submersible solar powered pump at the bottom of the borehole and pump the water to raised tanks on a platform which will then feed a bank of taps.  The increased capacity  will service the growing community and school, increasing the community’s well-being and equipping the village for sustainable, economic growth.