Obira Community, Uganda – A Case Study in Sustainability

“Water for Kids is more of parents to us, they first gave us free san plats, free protected spring and now trained us to make our own san plats at a cheap rate, who else on earth could do this?” Aggrey Kasango, Obira 2019.

In 2011, Water for Kids first protected the water source, damming the source and pumping water to a tap, providing safe and accessible water to the community. Since then, we have delivered a sustainable and extensive latrine project alongside hygiene training, throughout the community. Each household was provided with materials and training to build their own latrines and sanplats with tippy-taps. Earlier this year we carried out an extensive evaluation on the impact of Water for Kids in Obira and we are pleased to report that in a community of over 200 households, 98% now have their own latrines,sanplats and tippy taps (an increase of 88%) almost eradicating open defecation and dramatically restricting waterborne diseases, along with many other positive effects.
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