Inspiring Kids Leading the Way in Fundraising for Water for Kids

Niamh Completed 28 Park Run Challenge and Raises over £3300.
For those of you that follow us on social media, you will know that 8 year old Niamh has spent every weekend since April completing a different Park Run throughout Northern Ireland. By the end Niamh will have run 140 km and will have travelled over 1,700 miles for the park runs – the equivalent of going from John O’Groats to Land’s End and back again. . Along the way, Niamh has been interviewed for radio and newspapers about her running quest and Water for Kids.    Tom Jackson, Trustee went to Belfast 2 weeks ago at the Orangefield Park Run, to present Niamh with a giant cheque for funds raised and an award for her amazing accomplishment.   Niamh has since added the 2 new park runs before her birthday on Christmas Day.  We are so proud to have such a young and amazing ambassador, spreading the word about Water for Kids.

Another Awesome Girl – 12 Year Old Ruby Tells Us About Her Latest Fundraiser and Why She Did It.

“Water for kids is a charity I’ve fundraised for before and I have met some of the amazing people who actually go to Africa and help the communities.  This year I decided my challenge would be to try to carry the amount of water the children carry if they don’t have help from water for kids which is 25 litres and walk double what they would usually walk on a daily basis.  I carried my empty Jerry can 3km which was easy and then I filled it up to carry back 3k and realised it was so much heavier than I thought it would be.  It was actually quite funny to start with as I really could hardly move it but I kept on trying different ways and in the end I carried it and pushed it and pulled it and even sat on it in the rain and eventually after about 2 hours I got it home.  It really made me realise how lucky I am that I can just turn a tap on and my water is there.  I raised £300 so thank you to all the people who sponsored me.” – by Ruby Taylor